What You Need to Know: “All-Clear” Emails

Question from a customer: I signed up for TurnKey ID Solutions but have not yet logged into the Members Area to complete step two of the set-up and installation process in order to begin the protection/monitoring and restoration services. But, I received an email today with this message: “While carefully monitoring your identity, we have discovered no suspicious activity in the last 30 days.” How can I be “all clear” when I have not yet set-up my personal profile?

Answer: That’s a great question. Once you sign-up to be a member through TurnKey ID Solutions, you are automatically put into the first level of monitoring. All this level requires is your name, address, phone number and email address (what you gave when you signed up) for us to begin scouring millions of databases and going back seven years to see if your identity has been compromised.

The next level of protection comes when you login the Members Area and enter your personal information. There, you can answer questions that identify you in order for ID Preserve to be on the lookout for more specific identity issues, such as someone signing up for a credit card in your name, etc.

This system is what makes us different from all others — it begins monitoring as soon as you sign up, without you having to provide your Social Security Number or indicating that you want to start using the product. It does all the work for you!

Even when you go deeper and provide more personal information in the Personal Information Center, we only ask identifying questions, such as, are X-X-X-X the last four digits of your SSN; or is [month] your month of birth, etc. This is one of our most attractive features! As a customer, you DO NOT have to provide much personal information, such as your full SSN, in order to be extensively monitored for identity theft risks. How much information you provide is completely up to you.

To start being automatically monitored for identity theft risks, sign up today for TurnKey ID Solutions.

TurnKey ID Solutions is the first-of-its-kind, patent-protected total identity protection solution available. It provides complete prevention; protection and monitoring; and restoration services.