Introducing the Ultimate Shield Against Identity Theft

We lock our doors to our homes and cars to protect ourselves and our valuables, but who is protecting our identity?
Identity theft, a crime that does damage even when you’re unaware it’s happened, is the fastest-growing form of theft in America today…and all of us are at risk. Modern thieves need just basic information to create a world of damage for you and your family. In fact, every three seconds, someone’s identity is stolen, opening the door to frustrations, headaches, losses and potential hardship that can last for years.
Many companies offer products that go to work once the damage has been done, but who is doing anything to actually prevent ID theft?

One Product…Prevention, Protection & Monitoring and Restoration Services

TurnKey ID Solutions provides you the ultimate “total” identity theft protection service available. You and your family can finally have the peace-of-mind you deserve in our modern times of uncertainty.
The prevention service acts as a shield on your computers and mobile devices against keylogger attacks, something that anti-virus software can’t do. It uses the latest technologies in keystroke encryption security software to protect at the point of entry, all in real-time. Our solution is proactive, meaning it’s constantly and aggressively at work, blocking attempts against a hacker trying to steal your passwords and personal information online.
The Protection & Monitoring and Restoration services cover you from beginning to end in the identity theft protection and restoration process. Our solution provides you an abundance of tools, including an identity theft risk score; ongoing privacy scanning and monitoring; account activity alerts; child identity protection; victim assistance and identity restoration; lost wallet services; and even $1 million in protection coverage to reimburse you for the expenses incurred to reclaim your identity if you become a victim.

Who Is It For?

Everyone! It’s not just adults that need to be on guard! These days, it’s easy for even your children’s personal information and Social Security numbers to be stolen. Today, a family of four has on average (7) Internet accessible devices in the household. That’s why TurnKey ID Solutions offers protection for your whole family — we can provide you up to (9) device keys to protect your computers (Windows and Macs) and your mobile devices (iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as iPads and tablets.)

It takes just seconds for this crime to occur and unleash a massive amount of difficulty. Get protection today, along with peace of mind, when you start using TurnKey ID Solutions.